Why casino-related SEO is more difficult

New online casinos are springing up all the time and for every online casino competing for new business, there are a hundred affiliate/review sites trying to earn their slice of the pie.

This creates a highly competitive industry in which everyone is competing with everyone else, and this is made more difficult by the fact that casino-related sites require very specific and detailed SEO.

In this guide we’ll look at some of the reasons why online casinos struggle when it comes to SEO.

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In an ideal world, this would all happen naturally. People link to content they like, they reference content that is well-written, and they discuss companies that have given them good service. This is what Google wants.

However, Google devalues all gambling content and makes it work harder to get higher positions. This causes a couple of issues. On the one hand, no webmaster is going to organically link to content that will cause their rankings to drop. Secondly, when acquiring guest posts and backlinks, an SEO-expert doesn’t have the luxury of choice. They either have to pay a lot more for sponsored content or focus on lower quality sites.

A good SEO marketer will know the tricks of the trade, however, which is why it’s important to hire someone experienced within the casino niche.

Regulatory issues

The problem is, not only is Google very adept at deciphering what is good content and what is simply regurgitated nonsense, there are also some regulatory issues to consider.

A random freelancer may not think twice about calling a casino “the best”, making derogatory comments about a competitor, or pushing readers to gamble more money, but if that casino operates in the UK/Sweden and that content makes it on their website, it could result in a substantial fine or ban.

The average freelance writer is not accustomed to the strict and sometimes strange rules imposed by regulators and this can create a nightmare scenario when compiling SEO plans.

Competition is fierce

This is a saturated industry and as a result it can be very difficult for a new casino to get noticed. Not only are new casinos going up against thousands of established brands, all competing for the same niche keywords, but they’re also facing off against some of the richest companies in the world.

It’s akin to walking into a stadium full of roaring fans and trying to make yourself heard by whispering.

Conclusion: Good SEO is still available

Our focus on quality ensures that our clients can rely on us to become part of the top 5%, after which we just need a little time and a little more effort to help them become one of the highest ranked casinos online.

Just like with casinos, sports betting SEO can also be a nightmare. Follow the link to our blog for a detailed article on this matter.

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