Surprising stats about Christmas content

Christmas is not just for Christians and children; it’s not just about presents or overindulging on alcohol and turkey. It’s a season that fuels the retail landscape for the entire year, one that generates vast sums of money for online service and product providers.

It’s a season that skilled content creators can bend to their will, generating lots of interest and sales for their employers while taking the following facts into account.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

It is incredibly important

That’s a lot of potential customers, a huge demographic to market to, and that’s why Christmas is one of the most important times of the year for content creators.

It’s a holiday that transcends cultures and religions, as proven by the fact that it is celebrated by more than 90% of Americans, even though fewer than 65% of the population identify as Christians.

It needs to engage a disinterested audience

A recent survey found that 20% of Baby Boomers would rather endure a visit to the dentist than shop for presents, and 19% of Millennials would rather be spending time with their friends. These figures drop slightly where online shopping is concerned, but there is still a deep desire to be somewhere else and that makes life harder for the content creator.

The good news is that shoppers are consuming content all the time and are always one message or CTA away from making a purchase. Close to a quarter of people say that they consume content when they are in the toilet, and the vast majority do it during their commute, when they are at work, and even when they’re walking down the street.

Content creation is about engaging the disengaged, and with many people off work and forced to spend time alone at home, this is more relevant during the holidays than at any other time.

It needs to be perfect to work

There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, competition is sky-high during the Christmas holidays. You’re competing with more companies creating more content than at any other time. Secondly, comparisons increase. This means that a potential purchaser is more likely to read other ads and peruse other content before clicking your CTAs. Finally, they’re less patient and more likely to click away if something doesn’t grab their attention.

All of this means that your content needs to be absolutely perfect if you’re going to keep those conversions high. It needs to be better than your competitors and engaging enough to keep a reader’s attention from the first line to the last.

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